Our operations

Net production
>400 thousand
barrels / day


Production efficiency


At Aker BP, we produce energy that the world needs, and we contribute with raw materials to a number of products that are used in our daily lives. At the same time, we are working to reduce our emissions, revolutionize the oil industry and help finance the green shift.

Aker BP is the operator of the field centers Valhall, Ula, Edvard Grieg, Ivar Aasen, Alvheim and Skarv. In addition, we have a license share of ~ 31.5% in the Johan Sverdrup field.

We are convinced that there are still opportunities for large and interesting discoveries on the shelf, and we will be an important industrial player in the years to come.

We work to reduce emissions

Our emissions are below half of the global industry average, and below the average for operators on the Norwegian continental shelf.

From 2022, our goal is to deliver an emission intensity less than 4 kg CO2 per barrel oil equivalent. We will do this with the safety of our employees as our first priority. We believe that our ability to increase efficiency and reduce emissions strengthens our position in the market.

Our assets

Aker BP produces oil and gas from six field centers on the Norwegian continental shelf. The company is the operator of Alvheim, Edvard Grieg/Ivar Aasen, Valhall, Skarv and Ula, and is a partner in the Johan Sverdrup field.

Our projects

Aker BP has a large project portfolio with total net resources of around 700 million barrels of oil equivalent, which will contribute to increase our production in the years to come.


Aker BP is working to find more oil and gas near existing infrastructure. We are also exploring resources that are big enough for new stand-alone field developments

There are significant remaining volumes to be found on the Norwegian shelf. But the discoveries are smaller and the reservoirs are more technically challenging.

Aker BP has a long-term strategy where exploration provides a good basis for future organic growth. The creative processes, which are crucial to be able to mature a prospect, require continuity and long-term commitment. Underground understanding is gradually built up through continuous analysis and integration of large amounts of data.


Aker BP has a significant resource base around our existing fields. We have had good exploration results in recent years, and have exceeded the ambitions to find 250 million barrels in the period from 2016 to 2020. We will continue to drill exploration wells and we will explore, find and mature new good prospects.

For the latest update on our resources and reserves, see our latest report.

Our exploration activities are divided into two categories; near self-operated fields and in new areas.

Impact assessments

The purpose of impact assessments (IAs) is to account for the effects that a development or a facility and its operation could have on the environment, including cultural monuments and cultural environment, natural resources and society. IAs are prepared to ensure these effects are taken into account in the decision-making process.

2022 – King Lear pdf
2022 – Valhall NCP pdf
2022 – Alve Nord, Shrek og Ørn pdf
2022 – NOA Fulla pdf
2022 – Trell og Trine pdf
2019 – Hod field development pdf
2019 – Avvikling av Valhall DP og PCP pdf

Program for impact assessments

Ula and Tambar – suggested plan for environmental impact assessment pdf
Trell og Trine – suggested plan for environmental impact assessment pdf
King Lear – suggested plan for environmental impact assessment pdf
Valhall NCP – suggested plan for environmental impact assessment pdf
Skarv Satelit Project – suggested plan for environmental impact assessment pdf
NOA Fulla – suggested plan for environmental impact assesment pdf

Misc. documents

Close Out report for the Brynhild Pipelines Decommissioning Programme pdf