Aker BP aims to be the preferred company to work for and deliver services to. We select our partners carefully and establish close collaborations with them. This is how we achieve good communication, safe operations in accordance with the guidelines, efficient implementation and solid results.

Restructuring the value chain is an important improvement initiative at Aker BP. It involves a new strategic approach to procurement through shared goals, defining the best solutions and delivering them together. Aker BP’s ambition to create the leading independent offshore E&P company can only be achieved in close cooperation with suppliers.

How to become an Aker BP supplier

Companies wishing to become an Aker BP supplier must register and maintain an updated profile in the EPIM Joint Qualification System. This is the system Aker BP uses to select possible suppliers.

What we expect from suppliers

Aker BP aims to work with suppliers in a way that creates favourable conditions for delivering goods and services safely, at the right time, agreed cost and in accordance with our expectations.

We work continuously to improve cooperation with our suppliers.

We expect our suppliers to act and operate in accordance with Aker BP’s standards in HSSEQ, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Aker BP shall be the preferred operator to work for

Our suppliers contribute to our HSSEQ performance and efficient operations.

Important information before departure

Everyone who travels offshore to Aker BP’s fields is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the company’s instructions and guidelines.

Aker BP’s business terms

Terms and conditions for rental of equipment pdf
Terms and conditions for procurement of goods pdf
General terms and conditions for onshore services pdf
General terms and conditions for offshore services pdf
Competence requirements for contractor’s personnel pdf
Aker BP supplier declaration pdf

Delivery of goods

All deliveries must be packed and marked in accordance with Aker BP’s packing instructions. The consignment must be clearly marked with the PO number and the name of the installation.

Aker BP has several supply bases and it is important that our suppliers send the goods to the address specified on the individual PO (purchase order).

Cargo delivering instructions pdf
Guidelines for warehouse storage pdf

Addresses and contact information

Aker BP’s business address

Organization number: 989 795 848 MVA
Business address: Oksenøyveien 10, 1366 Lysaker, Norway
Postal address: Postboks 65, 1324 Lysaker, Norway
Phone: +47 51 35 30 00


Phone: 51 94 03 00

Supply bases

Alvheim, Ivar Aasen, Tambar, Ula and Valhall
c/o ASCO base, East
Risavika Havnering 235
4056 Tananger

c/o ASCO base Sandnessjøen Horvnes
8803 Sandnessjøen


It is important that suppliers familiarise themselves with the guidelines for invoicing. Invoices that do not meet the requirements will be rejected.

Payment terms must be according to purchase order (PO).

Purchase order (PO)

  • Invoice must be marked with a valid PO number received from Aker BP
  • For invoiced PO lines, one «item number», «material number» or «service number» per line must be entered
  • The PO lines on the invoice must match the PO lines on the issued PO
  • Invoice amount must not exceed the remaining amount on PO

Organisational number

  • Invoices must be sent from the same organization number as listed on PO.
  • If an invoice is to be paid to a factoring company, or another company within the same group, this must be clearly stated on the invoice.

Guidelines for receiving invoices

  • Invoice on paper is not accepted
  • EHF format
    (mandatory format for suppliers with a Norwegian organization number)
    • Invoice / cac: OrderReference / cbc: ID in the XML file) must be filled in with a valid PO number from Aker BP, in addition to the standard mandatory EHF fields. Contact your IT department / EHF portal provider for questions about the XML file
    • PO must be stated in one of the following three formats:
      • 42xxxxxxxx
      • 45xxxxxxxx
      • 47xxxxxxxx
  • PDF format
    • Invoice in PDF format sent to
    • An invoice should only be attached by e-mail
    • Invoices and attachments must be sent together in a PDF file
    • Aimed at:
      Aker BP ASA
      Accounts Payable
      PO Box 480 Center
      4002 Stavanger
  • If the claim is transferred to a third party, the third party must accept the guidelines above.

Credit note

Credit note must be marked with:

  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Invoice number that is credited
  • If partial credit, it must also refer to the PO line that is partially credited
  • Reason for credit


  • The KID number on the invoice can only be used if the supplier has established a KID agreement with the bank
  • KID number must not be stated on the credit note

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