Merger plan signed with wholly owned subsidiary

Following closing of the transaction with Lundin Energy AB on 30 June 2022, Aker BP ASA (“Aker BP”) aims at consolidating the activities of certain former Lundin Energy subsidiaries into Aker BP. 

As a first step, a merger is proposed between Aker BP as the surviving entity and ABP Energy Holding B.V (“AEH”), a wholly owned Dutch subsidiary. The proposed merger will be executed without any consideration in accordance with simplified rules on parent-subsidiary mergers. Upon completion of the merger, Aker BP will assume all assets, rights and obligations of AEH without consideration, and AEH will simultaneously be dissolved. 

The boards of directors of Aker BP and AEH have now signed a joint merger plan for the proposed merger which is available on

The proposed merger plan will be presented to the general meeting of Aker BP for approval on or about 26 August 2022 (the notice of this general meeting is announced separately).