Dry well in the Norwegian Sea

Operator Det norske, has together with partners VNG Norge and Concedo, drilled a dry well on the Struten prospect in PL 383 in the Norwegian Sea.

The well encountered a considerable column of reservoir rocks of satisfying quality in the Tilje formation from the Early Jurassic, but without any trace of hydrocarbons. Pre drilling, migration of oil and gas was regarded as the main risk for a dry well. Post drilling, lack of migration is also seen as the most likely cause for the negative result.

Electromagnetic data was collected in the area, and an anomaly was seen over the Struten prospect, which could indicate the presence of hydrocarbons. The company sees the result as support for a view that EM-data only is one tool in the search for oil and gas, and that it by no means offers any guarantee for success.

“This was a good structure next to an oil and gas rich area. Thus the result is of course disappointing, although we knew that this was the most likely outcome prior to drilling. We are satisfied to see that the well encountered reservoir rocks in line with our interpretation. We will no evaluate the results and decide on whether to redeem the license or to drill more wells,” Det norske vice president for exploration Tom Bugge said.

The well was drilled to vertical depth of 1650 meters below sea level, and ended in rocks from the Early Jurassic. This well is the first exploration well drilled in PL 383. The license was awarded in January 2006 as part of the Award in pre defined Areas 2005 (APA 2005)

Water depth in the area is 377 meters. The well was drilled by semi submersible drilling rig Bredford Dolphin and will now be permanently plugged and abandoned.

Partners in PL 383 are:
Concedo AS 15 percent
VNG Norge AS 30 percent
Det norske oljeselskap ASA (O) 55 percent

Media contacts:
CEO Erik Haugane; +47 90 72 16 55
Head of Corporate Communications Torgeir Anda; +47 99 11 22 03

Investor contacts:
Chief Financial Officer Finn Øistein Nordam; +47 98 28 93 82
Vice President Investor Relations Knut Evensen; +47 950 77 622