Dry Exploration well 32/2-1on Trow

Operator Talisman Energy has drilled a dry exploration well 32/2-1 on the Trow prospect in production license (PL) 369, located to the east of the Troll field. Det norske has a 20% interest in PL 369. Talisman Energy as operator has 40%. Other partners include Revus Energy 20% and Petro-Canada Norge 20%. Including Trow, Det norske has so far in 2008 participated in three exploration wells and made two discoveries, Draupne and Lilleulv. Det norske’s remaining exploration programme for 2008 includes the Freke prospect in PL 028B and Fulla in PL 362. Drilling of the Eitri prospect in license 027B and Grevling in license 038 are scheduled to commence around year-end. Investor contact: VP Investor Relations: Knut Evensen, mobile +47 95 07 76 22

About Det norske:

Det norske is the second-largest operating company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf with 23 operatorships and interests in a total of 45 licenses. In 2007, the company drilled five exploration wells. Det norske`s scope of activities is limited to the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Det norske currently employs a staff of more than 100, and the strong growth rate is expected to continue in 2008. The company`s registered office is located in Trondheim. Headquarter functions are divided between Oslo and Trondheim. The company also has offices in Harstad and Stavanger.

Det norske oljeselskap (`DETNOR`) emerged as a result of the combination between Pertra and DNO`s Norwegian operations. At the end of January 2008, the market capitalization of the company amounted to NOK 3.5 billion.

For more information about Det norske, see www.detnor.no