Aker BP AI Strategy

Paula Doyle, our Chief Digital Officer, gave a speech about AI at NHOs annual conference 2024. We want to cooperate and share more because the only way forward is cooperation, and the only option is action. In the spirit of collaboration and transparency, we have published our AI strategy.

Here is Paula’s speech in it’s entirety

Here are 5 questions you need to ask your leader team in your next meeting 

  1. What are you doing today with Gen AI? 
  2. Is our data fit for AI? 
  3. What business cases are out there? 
  4. Who can we collaborate with? 
  5. How can we go faster?
  6. Do we have a working environment where creativity and innovation can foster and grow, and where we can speak up and allow each other to fail?

-Paula Doyle, Chief Digital Officer

Illustrasjonsbilde av en digital tvilling, her av Yggdrasil-feltet som har planlagt oppstart i 2027

We aspire to lead the energy sector into a data-driven future. AI is a catalyst for this journey – enhancing decision-making, boosting efficiency, and cutting costs across all our business units and assets.

We aim to seamlessly integrate AI applications within our industrial settings and business objectives. Our strategy introduces a framework that aligns with Aker BP’s reference architecture, cloud, and data strategies, as well as other key technological enablers such as the digital twin concept.