ESMA disclosures

Greenhouse gas emissions
1 Carbon emissions (broken down by scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions) Scope 1
Scope 2
Scope 3
Scope 1: 852,129 tonnes CO2e
Scope 2: 81,408 tonnes CO2e
Scope 3: 285,981 tonnes CO2e
(partially identified)
305 Scope 1-3
is provided as
GHG emissions
(in CO2e)
2 Carbon footprint N/A
3 Weighted average carbon intensity N/A
4 Solid fossil fuel sector exposure None
Energy performance
5 Total energy consumption from non-renewable sources and share of non-renewable energy consumption 1.Total energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources (in GWh) 1. 1,507 GWh 302 1)
6 Breakdown of energy consumption by type of non-renewable sources of energy Share of energy from non-renewable sources used broken down by each non-renewable energy source Energy consumption from fuel gas:
1,345 GWh
Energy consumption from diesel:
162 GWh
7 Energy consumption intensity Energy consumption per million EUR of revenue (in GWh) 0.43 GWh / million EUR revenue
8 Energy consumption intensity per
Energy consumption intensity per million EUR per NACE sector (in GWh) All energy consumption in NACE B 06 – not possible to separate numbers for 06.1 and 06.2
9 Biodiversity and ecosystem preservation practices Share of all investments that do not assess, monitor or control the pressures corresponding to the indirect and direct drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem change All operations are assessed, monitored and controlled for indirect and direct drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem change. 304 (A)
10 Natural species
and protected areas
1.Share of investments invested in investee companies whose operations affect IUCN Red List species and/or national conservation list species
2.Share of investments in investee companies with operational sites owned, leased, managed in, or adjacent to, protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value outside protected areas
1. Red-listed species from the IUCN in areas near exploration and operational sites is included in the environmental risk assessment.
2. No operational sites located in or adjacent to protected areas.
304 (A)
11 Deforestation Deforestation policy Offshore activities – hence no policy
12 Water emissions Weight in tonnes of water emissions generated Produced water discharge: 6,767 megalitres 303
13 Exposure to areas of high water stress No operations in areas of high water stress 303
14 Untreated discharged waste water Total amount in cubic meters of
untreated waste water discharged
0 m3 303
15 Hazardous waste ratio Weight in tonnes of hazardous waste generated 40,516 tonnes 306
16 Non-recycled waste ratio Weight in tonnes of non-recycled waste generated Total weight of waste when tonnes of recycled waste is subtracted: 39,559 tonnes 306
Social and employee matters
17 Implementation of fundamental ILO Conventions Yes (A)
18 Gender pay gap Average gender pay gap 95.6% 405-2 (A)
19 Excessive CEO pay ratio 12:1 2-12
20 Board gender diversity Ratio of female to male board members 36.6% female 405-1 (A)
21 Policies on the protection of whistleblowers Yes 2-26 (A)
22 Workplace accident previntion Yes 403 (A)
Human rights
23 Human rights policy Yes 2-23 (A)
Policy commitments
24 Due diligence process to identify,prevent, mitigate and address adverse human rights impacts Yes 2-23 (A)
Policy commitments
25 Processes and measures for preventing trafficking in human beings Yes 2-23 (A)
Policy commitments
26 Operations and suppliers at significant risk of incidents of child labour 0 2-23 (A)
Policy commitments
27 Operations and suppliers at significant risk of incidents of forced or compulsory labour 0 2-23 (A)
Policy commitments
28 Number and nature of identified cases of severe human rights issues and incidents 0 2-23 (A)
Policy commitments
29 Exposure to controversial weapons
Anti-corruption and anti-bribery
30 Anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies Yes 205 (A), (B)
31 Cases of insufficient action taken to address breaches of standards of anti-corruption and anti-bribery 0 205 (A), (B)
32 Number of convictions and amount of fines for violation of anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws 0 205 (A), (B)