Wellhead reuse for exploration wells  

Wellheads for exploration wells are usually used once before they are scrapped. In 2022, Aker BP conducted a feasibility study to evaluate the feasibility of reusing these wellheads. The study revealed no deviations from industry standards, nor legal issues in conjunction with reuse.

The main reason for using new wellheads for each exploration well is to maintain a high level of safety. However, historic fatigue data showed that 14 out of 17 wellheads had “used” less than 10% of its fatigue life for the most exposed component in the wellhead system.

Aker BP has an ambition of transitioning into a more circular economy by keeping products and materials like steel in the economy for longer. This helps reduce the strain on the environment from production of raw materials.

The project will help us secure access to equipment, reduce lead time and reduce cost. Estimates suggest that lead time could potentially be cut in half. We expect to install the first reused wellhead at the seabed sometime during 2023

Aker BP uses Baker Hughes MS700 wellhead system for exploration wells.