Reduces CO2 footprint from supply vessels

Aker BP works to reduce CO2 emissions in all parts of the business, including emissions related to supply vessels.

In recent months, Aker BP has taken several steps to achieve the company’s goal of reduced emissions. Emission reductions are important from an environmental and sustainability perspective as well as a financial perspective.

Aker BP, together with its strategic partners, Solstad, Eidesvik and Simon Møkster, have decided to install batteries on three of the supply vessels, which are on long-term contracts.

Use of batteries can reduce emissions from vessels by 10-12%, and will reduce CO2 emissions from these vessels by more than 2,500 tonnes per year.

Aker BP has previously installed a batteries on two of its vessels, NS Orla and NS Frayja. All supply vessels, on long-term contracts for Aker BP, will be powered by batteries within a year.

Aker BP has also entered into a new and exciting collaboration with Eidesvik to adopt new technology and convert existing vessels to low-emission vessels. Since 2020, Eidesvik has provided management to NS Orla and NS Frayja. These vessels will be included in the project in addition to one or more of Eidesvik’s own vessels.

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