The Tyrving is being developed as a subsea tieback to the Alvheim FPSO. The Tyrving discoveries are located about 24 km east of the Alvheim. 

Alvheim is located in the central part of the North Sea, ten kilometres west of Heimdal and close to the UK sector border. 

The Tyrving discoveries are approx. 5 km apart in PL102F/G and PL036E/F, located on the Heimdal Terrace. Production from Tyrving will be connected to the existing lateral branch template (EKAM) on East Kameleon and on to the Alvheim FPSO. 

The Trell discovery was made during drilling in production licence 102F in 2014, while the Trine discovery was made in 1973 and is located in production licence 036E. The reservoir contains oil in sandstone from the Paleocene in the Heimdal Formation. A joint development of the discoveries is considered to be profitable. 

The plan is to drain the Trell & Trine reservoirs using bilateral horizontal producers. In Trell, an extra branch will also be drilled off one of the laterals to increase the recovery rate. To ensure optimal landing in the reservoirs, the plan calls for drilling a pilot well in both the Tyrving structures. 

An exploration pilot will be drilled in the Trell North prospect. If this proves volumes that fulfil the project’s robustness requirements, Trell North will be drained using a single horizontal producer. 

The development plan for Tyrving received approval from Minster of Petroleum and Energy on 8 June 2023.