Life as an apprentice at Aker BP – Thomas Bakker

Aker BP sees it as an important social responsibility to contribute to the development of both new graduates, students and apprentices. The company therefore takes in apprentices every year and this year’s apprenticeships are now out. Being an apprentice provides an unique entry into the offshore industry. You get interesting experiences, varied skills, and become part of an inclusive working environment. Over the course of two years, the participants will complete their apprenticeship so that they can take their vocational certificate.

Thomas Bakker started as a process technician-apprentice at Aker BP in the autumn of 2021 and now works in an offshore rotation on the Ivar Aasen platform in the North Sea. He will finish his apprenticeship in September, but time seems to have flown by since he started.

As a process technician, you often have responsibility for a certain area out in the facility. The tasks may involve clearing equipment that others will work on, maintaining equipment, as well as having overall control over the work that is done in the area you are responsible for. As an apprentice, you also move around a bit to see how different types of work are carried out and followed up. In addition, Thomas has also gained insight into how other departments work, such as mechanics, automation technicians and electricians. It builds a broader understanding, which always comes in handy.

He feels that he has worked in a very good working environment which has facilitated learning. He was told early on that there are no stupid questions, and that it will be expected that you ask if you have questions. It also didn’t take long before he felt like an integrated part of the group at Ivar Aasen.

At the same time, he mentions that it took some time to get used to the offshore rotation itself.

It is a rather unusual way of working, and it takes some time to get used to it. It is important to find something to do when you are at home. I work on the theoretical stuff when I’m at home, and then I can try it out in practice when I’m out. It’s important to keep your mind active while you’re at home, especially now during the apprenticeship-period, he says.

Thomas believes there are several reasons why you should apply for an apprenticeship at Aker BP if you get the opportunity.

It is a very inclusive environment with a lot of clever minds, who are good at including me in processes and experiences that can be useful for me to take part in. It is also a very open environment, and they appreciate bringing in a new set of eyes that may be able to contribute with new perspectives and points of view. That is very important.

This year, Aker BP is advertising apprenticeships in the process-, mechanics- and automation fields. You can read more about the positions via the links below. The application deadline is 24 February.