Life as an apprentice at Aker BP – Elias Pedersen Jünger

Aker BP sees it as an important social responsibility to contribute to the development of both new graduates, students and apprentices. The company therefore takes in apprentices every year and this year’s apprenticeships are now out. Being an apprentice provides an unique entry into the offshore industry. You get interesting experiences, varied skills, and become part of an inclusive working environment. Over the course of two years, the participants will complete their apprenticeship so that they can take their vocational certificate. The application deadline for this year’s apprenticeships is February 24th.

We have spoken to a handful of the apprentices who started with us in 2021, and the last one out is Elias Pedersen Jünger. He works as a logistics apprentice on the Ivar Aasen platform, 175 km from shore. Working with logistics can involve many different things. The days can consist of crane driving, receiving supply ships and being in control of all warehouses and equipment.

He thinks life as an apprentice has been very exciting and really appreciates all the people he has been working around who have welcomed him.

I have a very good impression of Aker BP in general and all the people around me have been so kind. You slip right into the environment. It has been a whole experience in itself to experience offshore life. I didn’t think I would get to experience it, so I consider myself incredibly lucky, Elias says.

He mentions that the offshore rotation was something that takes some time to get used to and that both the work and free weeks were long. In addition, it is far from the shore and far from friends and family. In the beginning, it could be challenging to see that a lot is happening at home while you are out at work offshore. Working offshore is something that doesn’t suit everyone, but you get used to it and it got much better over time, Elias says. After almost two years in offshore rotation, he truly enjoys that way of working.

He also believes that another challenge that comes with long free periods is that you forget what you have learned from time to time.

But then it’s important to be good at writing down what you learned while you’re out so you remember. Then it doesn’t take too long to get back into it when you get back out.

Elias will take his vocational certificate in August and the plan for the future is to continue working offshore. It can be difficult to get a permanent position offshore, but he is crossing his fingers and hoping that he can get hired, and then become a permanent employee in the long term.

When it comes to applying for an apprenticeship at Aker BP, I would absolutely recommend that everyone do. If you see an advertised position, it would be almost too silly not to do it. You get so much out of it. All the experiences you get and all the people you meet. The whole experience in itself is worth it, he says.

The application deadline for this year’s apprenticeships is February 24th. Submit your application by using the links below.