Invitation to share data

Aker BP is inviting oil and gas companies to contribute to the Next Generation Discharge and Emissions Tracker. The tracker is a digital application that will optimise, track, and eventually develop better and more efficient practices for chemical consumption and discharges in the oil and gas industry.

The tracker will deliver value for you in three ways:

  • It provides process engineers with a digital tool to monitor and minimise emissions to air and chemical discharges to sea, ensuring optimal efficiency
  • It enables operational optimisation across assets
  • It increases transparency for authorities and other stakeholders through seamless reporting

The Next Generation Discharge and Emissions Tracker is developed by the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) Ocean, Aker BP and Cognite.

Aker BP provides the tracker with data and operational expertise from offshore facilities and has decided to make the data openly and publicly available through the non-profit Ocean Data Platform, also managed by C4IR Ocean.

Using this data will allow us to address negative environmental impacts from our industry and build solutions that reduce our environmental footprint. The effect will be much larger if we have access to share more data.

Join the project by by contacting Bjørn Tore Markussen, CEO of C4IR Ocean.