Giving back to the local community

Whenever Aker BP is required to upgrade equipment, the company aims to reuse or recycle the items being replaced. This has benefited the local communities in the Helgeland region, home to one of Aker BP’s offices. In 2020, the company donated TVs, PCs, fire hoses – and parts of old drill pipes.

Aker BP’s office in Sandnessjøen has existed since the early 2000s, due to the development and operation of the oil and gas field Skarv. During that time the company has tried to be a positive part of the local community by supporting schools and education, stimulating local businesses and creating positive ripple effects.

Donated hundreds of TVs and PCs

Each year, Aker BP donates items the company no lon-ger has use for to communities on the Helgeland coast. In 2020, more than 60 PCs were given to schools in the area and 337 TVs were distributed to 20 recipients including schools, educational institutions, charitable organisations and nursing homes.

When the municipal health service and Helgeland Hospital in Sandnessjøen experienced equipment shor-tages during the COVID-19 pandemic, Aker BP donated infection control equipment, which was a welcomed gift during difficult times.

In addition, 20 organisations and 5 vocational schools received more than 3,000 coveralls because Aker BP needed to reduce its stock.

Three kilometres of fire hose

In 2020, Aker BP donated 3,000 meters of fire hoses to Ytre Helgeland Fire and Rescue. The fire hoses came from the Skarv FPSO, they are a maximum of 10 years old and have never been used. The hoses must be re-classified for offshore use every 10 years, which is very expensive. Aker BP therefore decided to replace them and donate the old stock.

New life for old drill pipes

Aker BP has even found a new use for old drill pipes from the Skarv field. They have been given a new life at various volunteer organisations, which have used them to build secure, long-lasting structures for leisure and outdoor purposes.