Digital twins streamline operations

Aker BP is developing digital operations twins in cooperation with its strategic partners Aize and Cognite. The ambition is to contribute to software that can be scaled to other companies and industries, thereby creating values extending far beyond Aker BP.

“The need for clean energy delivered in a secure and safe manner has never been greater. As an oil and gas producer, Aker BP needs to think outside the box. Our commitment to the digital operations twin will make Aker BP more competitive. We are going to be a safer and more reliable operator, with reduced emissions. This will allow us to deliver better solutions for the world’s energy needs,” says Hege Fjell Urdahl, Aker BP’s VP Integrated operations.

A digital twin is a digital version of a physical object, for example a pump, a platform or the whole field. A digital twin starts with a foundation of static data such as 3D models, map data or equipment information. Adding real-time data breathes life into the twin. This data could include pressure or temperature readings from the process, work permits or weather data.

The data are accessible, both for visualisation in digital workspaces or 3D models, or in order to expand insight through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

All operations data available in the same place

In order to operate oil and gas fields, you need to be in full control of the facilities’ performance, maintenance and safety. It can be difficult to see the big picture when vast volumes of data are spread across different applications.

Aker BP is solving this in collaboration with Aize and Cognite by developing a digital twin for operations, which will connect people in a digital workspace with all operations data available at their fingertips.

Data from Aker BP’s fields is extracted using Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), which contextualises and structures the data. Then they can be utilised and made available through various applications.

The end user can use the Aize workspace to connect to the information and tools they need to cooperate and make better decisions.

“We breathe life into the digital operations twin by connecting real-time data from pumps, equipment sensors, pressure gauges, satellites or drones. Using these data in advanced digital tools gives us predictability in upcoming maintenance and allows us to optimise our operations”

Lars Kaasa
Digital maintenance transformation lead

“The digital operations twin will create a safer workplace, lower costs and emissions, in addition to increasing production through data-driven insight and decisions. It will streamline our processes and take field operations to a level we’ve never seen before. Our ambition is for this to create value and have an impact on both existing and future fields”

Ine Dolve
SVP Operations & asset development