Achieving operational excellence

Aker BP is creating a new operating model to improve efficiency and
production. By using the same methods, processes and standards for all operated hubs, operational excellence will become an attainable goal.

Over the past few years, Aker BP has been building strong alliances with key suppliers and taking giant steps into the digital era. Work processes have been optimised and new business models have been tested.

“The next step is to combine the experience and learning from these initiatives and put them into a new operating model applied across all Aker BP’s operated assets,” says Ine Dolve, SVP Operations and Asset Development.

Operational excellence through standardisation

Aker BP’s operated hubs are different in many ways, but the overall goals are the same: Aker BP’s job is to operate its fields with zero accidents, high production efficiency, low costs and low emissions.

“The new operating model covers a broad range of areas, including maintenance activities, barrier management, digital and remote operations, procurement, logistics, and organisational structure both onshore and offshore,” Dolve explains.

Standardisation in these areas is expected to yield significant benefits.

“Firstly, it will drive cost efficiency and safety by making sure everything is done according to best practice. Secondly, it will enable cost and competence synergies through better collaboration across the organisation. Thirdly, it adds scale and speed to Aker BP’s continuous improvement work. It is also an enabler for further digitalisation of manual processes,” says Dolve.

Remote First

The new operating model establishes the concept of “Remote First”. Activities that can safely be performed onshore with the right quality should always be done onshore.

Aker BP already has the building blocks in place. A digital infrastructure with real-time access to data from Aker BP’s offshore installations has been established with help from Cognite. All offshore operators are equipped with handheld digital devices with easy access to data and communication, and onshore collaboration centres remotely support offshore installations and rigs.

Maintenance campaigns

Maintenance represents a significant part of Aker BP’s production costs, and the company believes there is a vast potential for savings by optimising these activities.

“In the future, most of Aker BP’s maintenance activities will be bundled in campaigns, focusing on one installation at a time. Each campaign will be planned in detail to ensure high precision and quality, which is expected to be more efficient and lead to more uptime and higher production efficiency,” Ine Dolve concludes.

It’s always possible to improve. Aker BP sees the new operating model not as a finished product, but rather as a new, continuous process.

Ine Dolve
SVP Operations and Asset Development