Plan for the merger of Aker BP ASA and ABP Norway AS

Reference is made to previous announcements regarding the consolidation of former Lundin Energy subsidiaries into Aker BP ASA (“Aker BP”).

As a next and final step, a merger is proposed between Aker BP as the surviving entity and ABP Norway AS (“ABPN”), a wholly owned Norwegian subsidiary. The proposed merger will be executed without any consideration in accordance with simplified rules on parent-subsidiary mergers. Upon completion of the merger, Aker BP will assume all assets, rights and obligations of ABPN without consideration, and ABPN will simultaneously be dissolved.

The boards of directors of Aker BP and ABPN have now signed a joint merger plan for the proposed merger which is available below.

The proposed merger plan will be finally approved by the board of directors of Aker BP on or about 17 November 2022.

Merger plan pdf
ABP Norway – Intering Balance Sheet 31 August 2022 pdf
ABP Norway – 2021 Financial Statements pdf
ABP Norway – 2020 Financial Statements pdf
ABP Norway – 2019 Financial Statements pdf
Articles of association – Aker BP ASA pdf
Articles of association – ABP Norway AS pdf
Auditor’s Report to the Interim Balance Sheet pdf