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Aker BP’s ambition is to create an oil and gas company of the future. A company based on low costs, low carbon, strong growth, high profitability, and attractive dividends. In addition, we have an important role in the global energy transition.

Drilling and wells in Aker BP’s role in this picture is to maximize value creation for the Asset portfolio throughout the well lifecycle. We aim to be first or best, and our vision is to be “Simply the best and most attractive wells team in the world”.

Through technology, we are transforming our value chains by applying innovative solutions to drive value and eliminate waste.

We need your input on the best technologies.

The main focus areas in Drilling and Wells are identified as the following:

Low-cost reservoir access

We have significant resources and value left to deliver from our existing assets. However, this requires new technology and new methods to unlock and make these reserves profitable.

Enabling lower cost per barrel of oil equivalent to the market and increasing recoverable reserves are key in becoming an oil and gas company of the future.

Drilling methods that can take us to reserves at a significantly lower cost, completion methods which will give low-cost access to more reserves, stimulation and sand control solutions which will give cheaper sustainable productivity and methods which can reduce costs related to slot recovery are all examples of new technology able to unlock value.

Production management

Aker BP’s assets are mature and several of them produce a significant and increasing amount of water. Lifting, treating and disposing of this water is a costly process with negative environmental impact.

We believe water management could be done in a more efficient manner through preventing, reducing or eliminating the production of water.
Cost-effective measures to monitor, control, identify and isolate water production downhole will increase oil and gas production and reduce cost and emissions.

Maximizing value of existing well potential

We operate assets such as Alvheim, Edvard Grieg, Ivar Aasen, Skarv, Ula and Valhall which in total include more than 250 wells and a net production exceeding 400 000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.
To maximize the value of our well stock, it is critical that we operate trouble-free and reliable for as long as the reservoir has unassisted or assisted energy.

This involves preventing and/or managing well integrity failures, preventing sand and chalk production, supporting the reservoir energy for longer a production life, enabling condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, and preventing and/or managing scale.
It also involves high quality and cost effective well interventions, either to improve production, acquiring data to enable better decisions or rectify failures.

In essence, we are talking about eliminating or reducing impact of events which can result in well downtime or wells producing less than their potential.

Efficient P&A / slot recovery

All the wells we are responsible for have one thing in common, eventually they will have to be safely plugged and abandoned in a manner that keeps hydrocarbons isolated for underground permanently.
We are committed to deliver on this responsibility and our current well stock entails billions of Norwegian kroner in future cost.

Consequently, we are constantly looking for technology which removes complexity and make us more cost-efficient when it comes to permanently abandoning wells and reservoirs.

We need measures to move activity off large, expensive and carbon intensive rigs to more nimble solutions. The future requires simpler ways of removing tubulars as well as methods to enable establishment and verification of barriers wherever we want, whenever we want and with a high level of quality and efficiency.


We take the global climate challenge seriously and we are committed to take responsibility for the company’s carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions across operations by 2030.

New solutions are required, not only to reduce or eliminate emissions in our activities, but also to reduce the overall climate footprint during the lifecycle of the products and services we use.

We encourage you to submit technology initiatives that will directly impact any of the above.

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