The Ula field is 35 years old – and plans to stick around for at least ten more

When the Ula field was officially opened on October 1986, the ambition was to produce for 10–11 years. Over the course of 35 years, it has produced more than three times what was expected at start-up. The goal is to continue operations until 2032.

“Ula is a truly success story. The field has generated enormous values for both owners and the broader society over the course of 35 years,” says Ine Dolve, Aker BP’s SVP Operations and Asset Development. 

“Since the start-up in 1986, Ula and its neighbouring field Tambar have produced close to 600 million barrels of oil equivalent and about NOK 110 billion worth of oil has been sold,” Dolve adds. 

The Ula field, which is located in the southern part of the North Sea, is entering the late-phase. Good management of all barriers and efficient utilisation of resources are crucial factors for success. 

“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved on Ula. But the story doesn’t end here: Our ambition is to produce at least 70 million more barrels from the Ula area leading up to 2032,” says Ula VP Jorunn Kvåle. 

35 years after the start-up of production, the Ula VP invited Kari Thu, the former mayer of Stavanger who officially opened the Ula field in 1986, to meet 35-year-old Roger Gabrielsen, who currently works as automation specialist on Ula to mark the anniversary at Aker BP in Stavanger. 

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