In 2019, Nina Moi Vigdenes (32) held a seat at the Aker BP executive management team’s table. As a senior professional at the CEO office her responsibility was to coordinate all matters that needed addressing by the top management, as well as to act as an advisor to CEO Karl Johnny Hersvik. This is a position awarded young talents in the company for a given period.

“It’s a demanding role with a steep learning curve. Most of all, it has been a fantastic journey that gives me a large network internally as well as unique insight into processes and decisions in the company”, Moi Vigdenes explains.


During 2019, approximately 160 issues were addressed. More than 50 were related to specific decisions and a third of these were hydrocarbon investments such as field developments and infill wells.

“The executive management team in Aker BP is flexible and capable of fast decision making. The distance to our top management and owners is short, and they strive to be open,” Moi Vigdenes says.


Moi Vigdenes is a chemical engineer who is also experienced within politics, external affairs and communications. She was offered the CEO advisor role in the autumn of 2018, after returning to Aker BP from maternity leave.

Aker BP offers full pay to employees during the parental leave and encourage parents to take leave. My acceleration in the company demonstrates that parental leave does not halt your career.Nina Moi Vigdenes


The talent position as senior professional at the CEO office opens the door to new, exciting opportunities in the company. In the beginning of 2020, she moved on to a new position in Aker BP.

“I have just started in a role as senior climate and sustainability advisor in the HSSEQ department. I believe Aker BP and our industry will play an important role in the energy transition, and really look forward to embark on this new adventure,” Moi Vigdenes concludes.