Aker BP Privacy Policy

When you visit Aker BP online, you accept to give us access to information about you. Our Privacy Policy informs you about which information we collect, how we do it and how we use that information.

What is Privacy Policy?

Personal information is information about your name, phone number and email and other information that relates to you. How you use a web site can also count as personal information. For example, what you click on, newsletters you subscribe to and who you give “likes” to.

Information we collect

We collect information via search fields and cookies to understand how people use our website.

Search fields

We store information about the words you and other users write in our search fields. It is only the words we store, and they cannot be connected to you as a person.

Cookies from Google Analytics

To understand and get information about how our online visitors use our website, we use Google Analytics. We can see what time of the day people visit our website, what pages they look at and how long they are on our site. We do not store any personal information connected to this. Google Analytics use cookies, small text files that the site store on your computer. To ensure your privacy we use anonymizeIP, a function that anonymize all information that can identify you, including IP-address. Please visit the website nettvett.no to read more about cookies and see how you can administrate them in your own browser.

Information you provide yourself


You have the option of signing up for newsletters from us. We need to store your email address to do that. This information will not be shared with others and is not used for other purposes. If you let us know your email address without responding to our confirmation mail, your email address will be stored in our system for a period. You will not receive any newsletters from us, and unconfirmed email addresses are deleted periodically. When you do receive newsletters from us, you can unsubscribe by using the sign off link that is enclosed. Your personal information will be deleted when you choose not to receive our messages, and you can always ask to see what information that is stored about your membership.

Stock market announcements from Cision

If you want to receive stock marked announcements from Cision, you can sign up at our web site. Your email address will be routed directly to Cision and will not be stored with us, if you use this service.

Recruitment/applications for vacant positions

When you apply for a job in Aker BP, you must submit personal information in our recruitment supplier Webcruiter’s database. The information can only be used for recruitment purposes. The database can build a history about you that has nothing to do with Aker BP, regarding different jobs you have applied for, minutes from interviews with other companies and so on. This information is not available or accessible for Aker BP. You can always ask to be deleted from the database. By contacting Webcruiter directly, you can ask them to show what information they have stored about you.

Feedback/user tests

Sometimes we conduct online testing using pop-up questions or buttons asking, “Did you find what you were looking for”. When we do this, we do not ask about personal information, so your answers can not be tracked back to you.


If you observe conditions that contradict Aker BP’s ethical guidelines, please submit a message via our form for notifications where you can choose to be anonymous if you like. The information will be received and handled by an independent third party, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Aker BP will not store personal information in these matters.


Aker BP is a privately-owned company, and we are not conducting business that require storage of personal information. Because of that we do not have an ombudsman for privacy and personal information. Should you have any questions related to Aker BP and privacy policies, please send an email to: privacy@akerbp.com