Requirements for health and safety training before departure offshore

Who does this apply for? The validity of the requirements depends on whether you are “shelf personnel” or “visitor” personnel.

Helicopter at Skarv FPSO

Shelf personnel are defined as: “All personnel who will carry out work / assignments in connection with installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling of facilities, as well as personnel on vessels used in the business. Government officials and other personnel with supervisory and advisory duties on the shelf. ”

Visitors personnel: “All personnel who are not shelf personnel and who have been approved by the operating company in advance of their visit offshore.” People who want to come in under the category “visitors” are very special cases such as. politicians, actors, film team, etc.

Aker BP’s “A SAFER departure course”

To travel offshore to one of Aker BP’s operated fields after March 1, 2019, you must have completed the e-learning course “A SAFER departure Course” by that date. The course is available via Mintras Trainingportal. Duration approx. 45 minutes. Choose one (1) of the subject modules and choose one of the five that is right for you and your subject:

  • “Operations and maintenance”
  • “Project and modifications”
  • “Drilling and well maintenance”
  • “Insulation, scaffolding and surface (ISO subjects)”
  • “Catering services”

If you are in doubt about which module to choose, select “Operation and maintenance”.

If you should experience technical challenges for training material running on Mintra’s Trainingportal, please contact the proper support channel: Mintra Support: Thanks.

Trailer at ‘A SAFER exit course’:


Offshore health certificate

When travelling offshore, both shelf personnel and visitors, must have an approved offshore health certificate. The offshore health certificate is valid for two years, and Aker BP employees can get this health examination by contacting Aker BP’s Health Department.

Basic security and emergency training

This course is compulsory for all shelf-working personnel. Refresher course every 4 years.

Visitors are not required to have this course, but it is expected that all Aker BP employees who travel offshore on a regular basis will take the course. The course covers areas such as first aid, fire fighting, helicopter evacuation and sea rescue.

Aker BP employees can, after approval from the line manager, book this course through Aker BP’s course administrator at Nutec.

Together for Safety – an SJA and WP course

This is an interactive PC course developed by Together for Safety. The course is mandatory for all offshore working personnel. It is a 3-hour once-off course that must be completed by staff before going offshore. It covers procedures for work permits (WPs) and safe job analyses (SJAs).

More information:
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