Pertra AS Now Listed on OTC

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

18. December 2005

Trondheim, 2005-12-28:

Pertra AS Now Listed on OTC
After the last share offering in Pertra AS and in accordance with the agreement between shareholders regarding the dissolution of the ownership companies Petro Midt-Norge AS and Pertra Management AS, it follows that Pertra shares are made available on the market.

In addition, this was a prerequisite for some of the investors joining Pertra during the spring of 2005. Consequently, Pertra AS is now listed on the OTC list effective as of 28 December 2005, using the abbreviations PERA for A shares and PERB for B shares. At the same time, Pertra’s management and Board of Directors are working toward the company being listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in approximately one year’s time.