Industrial heritage Valhall

Valhall QP, DP and PCP jacketThe Valhall field has become an industrial heritage because it represents, developmental eras and solutions, has special field conditions and significant technology application. The website gives everyone access to the rich variety of documents, movies, pictures, technology, which primarily documents the business area’s history from 1962 to end of 2012.

The selection criteria for being a cultural heritage has been prepared in accordance with guidelines in the Cultural Heritage Management Plan (2010) and the Norwegian Petroleum Museum choose which fields should be documented based on a priority list that is in the plan. At the outset, the fields are documented when production was close to completion or finally completed. With ever-extension of field life, this was changed in order to collect and validate information via employees, who participated in the construction and early operational stage.

The target groups for the website are basically everyone with an interest in Norwegian petroleum activities on the continental shelf. All content on the website is available in English. Articles written especially for the project, is placed on a “level that can be read and understood by students in high school.” All material should be accessible via the search functions that have been established at the National Library and National Archives in Stavanger (or Oil Archive).

Valhall is the fourth cultural heritage project which covers Norwegian oil activities (all offshore). Only Frigg field is completely finished, the others covered are still in operation: Ekofisk and Statfjord areas. There is not yet a comprehensive and prioritized plan for transport or oil / gas related facilities on land.
Norwegian Petroleum Museum usually use around 3 years in every cultural heritage project and work closely with the operating company, National Library, National Archives and system developers and web designers.

The website was officially opened by the national Librarian Aslak Sira Myhre during a launch event at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum on 2nd December 2015.