Information and terms for invoicing

Organisational number

The invoice should be issued from the same organisational number as listed in the PO. If the invoices are to be paid to a factoring company, or another company within the same Group, this must be clearly stated at the invoice.

Terms of Payment

According to purchase order (PO)


  • The invoice must include a valid PO number issued by AkerBP
  • The invoiced PO line items should include “line item number”, “material number” or “service number”. The PO line items referred to on the invoice should agree with the line items on the issued PO
  • The invoiced amount shall not exceed the corresponding amount on the PO

Guidelines for receipt of invoice

  • Hard copy invoices are not accepted
  • EHF format (mandatory format for suppliers with Norwegian organisational number)
    • The field Order Reference (Invoice/cac:OrderReference/cbc:ID in the XML file) shall be listed with a valid PO number provided by Aker BP. Please contact your IT-support/EHF-portal provider regarding any questions related to the input for the xml file.
      • PO must be listed in one of the five below formats:
        1. PO-xxxxxx
        2. SO-xxxxxx
        3. 42xxxxxxxx
        4. 45xxxxxxxx
        5. 47xxxxxxxx
  • PDF format
    • Invoices in PDF format to be sent to
    • There shall only be one invoice attached per mail
    • Invoice and attachments must be merged into one PDF file
    • Route to:

Accounts Payable
Postboks 480 Sentrum
4002 Stavanger

  • If the claim is transferred to a third party, any third party shall also follow these requirements

Credit note

  • Credit note must include a PO number issued by AkerBP
  • Should refer to the credited invoice
  • If the credit note is a partly credit only, it must also refer to the correct line item on PO
  • Reason for the credit should be included on invoice


  • Invoices shall only be issued with KID number if the vendor has a KID agreement with the bank
  • Credit notes not shall not be issued with a KID number

Point of contact – AP Team

All questions related to invoices should be sent to

Invoices that not adhere to the above requirements will be rejected.