Capital Expansion in Pertra AS

This article originates from the news archive of Det norske.

6. December 2005


Trondheim, 2005-12-06:

Capital Expansion in Pertra AS
On 1 December, the General Meeting in Pertra AS decided to expand its equity with MNOK 85 by means of a share offering toward two groups of existing shareholders.

In connection with the share offering, PMN and PM have also revised its shareholders’ agreement and agreed upon initiating the liquidation of these companies during Q1 2006, as well as continuing certain limitations posed upon the turnover of the management’s shares. It has furthermore been agreed to convert Pertra from a joint-stock to a common company (from AS to ASA) as soon as practically feasible in 2006. The shareholders’ agreement will cease to be applicable when the companies are dissolved.

The share offering will be completed within 9 December.