HSE in Aker BP

HSE operation

We are responsible for 1st and 2nd line HSE support for our operated installations. We support with incidents, auditing and learning, campaigns, statistics, governmental dialogue and applications.

After Aker BP joined the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), some basic safety rules have become part of our barrier landscape.

HSE drilling and wells

We are responsible for support for drilling and wells and 1st line HSE support for our drilling operations. This includes support for the development and implementation of HSE programs, handling of incidents, reviews and learnings, campaigns, statistics, government dialogue and applications. We also assist with supervision, verifications and “see-to duty”.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a line responsibility. The Emergency Department sets the premise and supports the company’s department to reduce the risk of adverse events occurring, and to ensure that the company has an organization that is robust enough to handle a serious event should it occur.

We do this by:

  • Systematically assisting and implementing risk and vulnerability analysis.
  • Assist the preparation of emergency and security plans for all activities
  • Education and training of all contingency functions.
  • Regular exercise by the emergency response organization.

Aker BP has built up its emergency preparedness around a third-line structure. The first line is where the event occurs – for example, on a platform, boat, rig or onshore location. Second line provides operational and tactical support. The third line is the company’s strategic emergency management.


Security in Aker BP looks at protecting assets in a responsible manner. We focus for example on risk related to cyber threats, burglary and acts of violence, terror or espionage.

Working environment

Our overall goal within health and working environment is zero injury to persons, and the least possible exposure. Work on safety and the working environment is based on a preventive approach and continuous improvement.

Within the working environment, we work with the physics, ergonomics, chemical and biological working environment. Our purpose is to help Aker BP achieve its goals of avoiding injury to personnel and work-related illness.

We assist with mapping, risk assessment and consultancy related to the working environment.

“In order to achieve our goal of a completely harmless working environment, we are dependent on everyone who works on our asset always following our HSE rules and instructions.”


Climate and environment

We aim to minimize our emissions from the activities on the continental shelf through the choice of energy-efficient solutions and operations. A feasibility study is conducted for power from land or power transmission. In cases where new energy-consuming equipment is to be acquired, the equipment must be as energy-efficient as possible and be low-emission technology.

We want to have the lowest possible environmental impact from produced water handling through reinjection, water deposition or cleaning & discharge according to best techniques.


The HSE department works proactively with continuous improvement and learning where we want to implement improvements that make us better and more predictable. Through visualization of our improvement initiatives and weekly board meetings, everyone in HSE has an overview of the progress at any time.