Ula/Tambar Hub

The Ula field is located in the southern part of the North sea, and consists of three platforms. The field center serves as an area hub for the satellite field Tambar, and as a third-party host for the Oselvar and Blane fields.

The Ula hub consists of three conventional steel facilities for production, drilling and accommodation, and is connected by bridges. The satellite field Tambar and Tambar East is located about 16 kilometres southeast of the Ula field, and are developed with a remotely controlled wellhead platform without processing facilities. The Ula hub also act as a third-party host for the Oselvar and Blane fields via subsea tie-back’s.

In 2016, a major maintenance turnaround (TAR) was successfully completed at Ula. In addition, several modifications projects progressed to ensure safe and reliable operations at the Ula platforms; lifeboat project, fire & gas project for living quarters and drilling platform and maturation studies for Ula power upgrade.

Ula reached 30 years of production in October 2016. The operating efficiency for the hub was 72%, and the net production from Ula and Tambar combined averaged to 8.7 mboepd in 2016. To increase oil production, water alternating gas (WAG) are injected into the Ula reservoir, where the gas is provided from the satellite fields.

Future outlook

In July 2016 the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) approved Tambar Lifetime extension until 1 January 2022. Reservoir studies are ongoing to enable resource progression at Tambar which can prolong economic life of Tambar beyond 2021. Tambar Artificial Lift (TAL) project will proceed to execute in 2017, and a drill or drop decision on the Tambar infill drilling is planned for first half of 2017. There is also ongoing projects to reduce cost and improve production efficiency in order to deliver maximum value from the base production. The Oda (operated by Centrica) development project was sanctioned with tie in to Ula, and plan for development and operations (PDO) was submitted to the authorities 30 November 2016.

Key Facts Ula Tambar area hub

    • License: PL019, PL019B, PL065, PL300
    • Aker BP working interest: 80% (Ula) 55% (Tambar)
    • Partners: Faroe
    • Discovered: Ula 1976, Tambar: 1982
    • License period: Ula: 2028 Tambar: 2021
    • Production start: Ula 1986, Tambar 2001.
    • Production 2016 (net): 8,795 boepd
    • Operating efficiency: 72%
    • End 2016 2P reserves (net): 57 mmboe

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